The Acne Solution: Your Ultimate Guide To Flawless Complexion

An extensive, no-nonsense course showing you how to never have acne again, from a licensed Esthetician specializing in oily/acne-prone skin.

Vivant Derm-A-Renew Review: The Best Anti-Aging Serum for Acne-Prone Skin

Vivant Derm-A-Renew Review - The Skincare Culture

Vivant Skincare is a professional line formulated by Dr. James Fulton, a dermatologist and medical researcher that co-founded Retin-A, the world’s most effective topical treatment for acne and skin aging. Widely available through estheticians, the line focuses on skin concerns such as acne and aging, and it has a wide … Read more

How To Fix Retinol Damage?

how to fix retinol damage on the skin

Retinol is an active component in over-the-counter skincare products that offers many benefits for the skin. From minimizing wrinkles to refining skin texture and reducing the severity of inflammatory conditions such as acne, this potent ingredient has been a favorite of skincare enthusiasts for decades. However, like any other active … Read more

The Best Vitamins While on Accutane

the Best Vitamins to take While on Accutane

Taking Accutane can definitely make your day-to-day decisions more challenging, no matter how small they might’ve seemed before starting the medication. For example, can you drink alcohol or smoke while on Accutane? What about eating certain foods or taking certain supplements? Now, I get it. There’s so much fuss around this medication, and not without … Read more