7 Summer Makeup Tips For The Perfect Look

Nothing says summer quite like sweating profusely in the scorching heat.

The heat continually gets in the way of our beauty game in summer, and we all know how this can make us look like a hot mess every once and again.

And while we are all set and ready for yet another hot summer, I pieced together a last-minute…

7-Tip Guide For The Perfect Summer Makeup Look

  1. Moisturize well
  2. Apply sunscreen
  3. Spray on a prepping mist
  4. Use a mattifying primer
  5. Use a light coverage foundation
  6. Use waterproof mascara
  7. Moisturize your lips

summer make up tips

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1. Moisturize well

Moisturize well

You might think that moisturizing in summer isn’t essential. And it does make sense that you think that because summer is the sweaty and sticky season right?

Who needs a moisturizer when we get enough lubrication from sweat by the time we go down to the store?

Well, yeah, I can’t say you’re entirely wrong, but.

You have probably noticed how your skin tends to get oilier in summer, and that is because excessive summer heat can severely dehydrate your skin.

Dehydrated skin tends to behave weirdly, and its natural defense against dehydration is to produce more oil in order to compensate for the lacking hydration.

In reality, it is hydration and water that your skin is lacking, but this is the body’s natural way to protect itself from drying out.

Summer heats typically mean a longer time in air-conditioned environments.

Dehumidified air that air conditions produce can dry out your skin, and it will be no time before you start wondering why your fine lines look more pronounced.

Opting for an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer is always recommended in summer as this will give your skin the necessary hydration without clogging your pores.

Regular moisturization will hydrate and nourish your skin, and it will remain protected from environmental aggressors.

2. Apply sunscreen

Apply sunscreen

I sometimes work on clients in my beauty therapy practice, and just a few days ago, I was talking with a client who I could tell doesn’t take good care of her skin.

As I was doing her facial, I was asking her about the products that she uses and specifically asked if she is applying sunscreen after she told me she enjoys hitting the beach often.

I wasn’t surprised when she said she does not and that she doesn’t really like applying sunscreens on her face because these had made her skin break out in the past.

This is a common issue that we have with sunscreens, and I feel that I should talk about it.

Avoiding sunscreen is skin sin number one. And I get it that tanned skin looks much better than pale, winter skin but this little activity exposes your skin to some serious damage.

Before I continue, I just want to make myself clear that I am not the sun-hating monster (if such a thing exists) and I love living in a warm climate.

But I also love preaching about applying for adequate protection against harmful UV rays. *grins*

Protection from sunburn is not the most important reason for wearing sunscreen.

UVB rays, which are the burning rays are highest in summer, but the UVA rays which are the real devil can penetrate through the clouds even on a cloudy winter day and damage the skin by destroying the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermal layer.

This will severely damage your skin’s elasticity and will naturally make the skin sag and wrinkle.

The sun also triggers the melanocyte cells to work and produce a brown pigment called melanin. Melanin is the responsible pigment for our beautiful summer tans.

However, the body’s pigment gives essential protection against UV radiation, so basically, tanning is the body’s way of telling us to relax from going to the beach for a bit.

Besides that, there is the sun’s most serious threat, which is skin cancer, the most common of all cancers.

With the regular application of sunscreen, you are protecting your skin from environmental stress.

Opting for a water-based sunscreen is advisable in summer as this is lighter on the skin and it will prevent your skin from getting oilier or breaking out but will give the needed protection.

3. Spray on a prepping mist

Spray on a prepping mist

The heat is really picking up here. *sprays cooling mist*

Having a good, hydrated base to apply your makeup is always essential for that gorgeous, seamless foundation finish. But it is absolutely necessary for summer.

Prepping mists can usually be used as both primer and setting spray, so spraying a few pumps over your face will plump and hydrate the skin.

This will provide an excellent base for the next step and not to even mention the feeling of freshness it gives you on this heat.

4. Use a mattifying primer

Use a mattifying primer

Makeup primer is that extra effort you will want to do before applying your makeup in summer.

A mattifying primer will keep any shine in check throughout the day and minimize the appearance of large pores, as heat typically enlarges pores, and this increases the chances for dirt and bacteria to stick.

This step is basically the key to prevent the dreaded summer makeup meltdowns.

5. Use a light coverage foundation

Use a light coverage foundation

If you decide to skip foundation in summer, that’s totally fine. I get that. But as we don’t always have the best skin days, sometimes a little bit of this magic can save the day.

While the best idea is to stay away from heavy foundations in summer to avoid looking like a melting cakey mess, there are always the light coverage foundations that we don’t usually reach for in the colder days.

Choosing the right light coverage formula that works best for your skin can actually help you achieve that gorgeous I-woke-up-like-this complexion.

6. Use waterproof mascara

Use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara shouldn’t be your everyday choice. The reason for this is that waterproof mascara is more drying, and it can take longer to come off.

If you scrub too hard, you can damage your eyelashes and the delicate skin in the eye area.

But nobody wants to look like a hot, mascara-melting mess while sipping their margarita and sunbathing by the poolside with a dramatically oversized hat.

Nope. Scratch that. 

So, using waterproof mascara in moderation can be your savior for the hot summer days, but it is best practice to go back to your regular mascara as soon as summer is over.

Opting for an oil makeup remover can easily dissolve waterproof mascara, and this will prevent damaging your eyelashes.

7. Moisturize your lips

Moisturize your lips

Keeping your lips hydrated during the summer is important because unlike most areas of your skin, the lips do not contain any oil glands, and because of this, lips cannot generate natural hydration.

Lip balms are designed to restore moisture and fullness to the lips, and this will contribute to a more beautiful smile. Keeping your lips hydrated is the secret sauce to a flawless lipstick finish.

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