About The Skincare Culture

The SkinCare Culture is a website that focuses on offering advice and treatments for common skin concerns.

It’s created and owned by Simone Sydel – a certified esthetician fueled by her passion for skincare and determination to share her knowledge and experience with her readers through friendly and informative articles.

“I have always been passionate about writing ever since my early school days. I remember looking forward to preparing every literature essay and reading it over and over again before submitting it only to make sure it was entirely perfect until the last grain.”

Her hunger for knowledge in the field of beauty was born when she started experiencing dramatic changes in her skin upon moving to another country.

“I refused to go to a dermatologist because I didn’t want to be someone who was going to take every single advice given by a doctor and still remain clueless about what exactly is triggering these tremendous changes in my skin while spending tons of money on products that may or may not work for me.”

Simone’s interest in skincare and how the skin changes under certain conditions grew until she finally decided to take action by joining a Beauty Therapy school.

“I knew this was the thing for me after one class! I was happy I found my “happy place” and was eager to learn everything I could about the subject. The idea of pursuing a career in this industry was something that was exciting every fiber of my being. This is who I am!”

The plan of employing her writing skills into a website that was going to be accessible for everyone to read didn’t take long after that.

She quit her full-time job in order to fully focus on her biggest passion – consulting people on how to take care of their skin and deal with common skin concerns that not only show on the outside but also the effect some of those have on us from the inside.

“I believe that everyone should and everyone can have healthy skin, and this is where all my focus is – to help everyone feel comfortable in their own.”

Besides being passionate about her field of work and writing, Simone is an animal lover and takes great interest in art, travelling, music, fitness, yoga, swimming and loving her boyfriend who is her backbone through everything.


I’m proud to announce that TheSkinCareCulture.com has now been named one of the top 100 best skincare blogs online. See the full list here.