How Often Can You Use a High Frequency Machine?

Direct high frequency is a facial treatment available at any esthetician’s office and is considered a timeless rejuvenating treatment for the skin.

A high-frequency machine can be used daily as it is a very safe and non-invasive procedure with no side effects if responsible precautions are being exercised. 

It is a beneficial treatment that caters to all skin types and addresses multiple skin concerns ranging from acne to wrinkles and even hair loss. 

Another thing I love about this treatment is that you can learn how to do it at home and although machines for at-home use are not as strong as the ones you find in professional settings, they will still yield beneficial results. 

How Often should you use a High-Frequency wand

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What Does High Frequency Do to The Skin?

What Does High Frequency Do to The Skin

A high-frequency machine is primarily used to infuse oxygen into the skin and rejuvenate it.

These machines work with high-frequency electrodes made out of very thin glass and come in several different shapes and sizes to cover areas of the face, body, and scalp. 

The electrodes are removable and are kept separately from the body which is the main unit of the machine due to safety and hygienic purposes. 

When the electrode is firmly inserted into the handpiece, a gentle alternating electrical current is generated by the machine which then passes through the glass electrode upon contact with the skin.

The electrical current ignites the inert gas within the electrode which produces healing electrical light energy and produces ozone formation.

Ozone is a purifying gas with antibacterial properties and helps to heal acne and combat congestion.

In other words, when mixed with the air outside of the electrode, the current infuses the skin with oxygen molecules and during this process, a mild tingling sensation is experienced.

What Are The Benefits Of a High-Frequency Machine? 

What Are The Benefits Of High Frequency Machine

The high-frequency electrodes can be filled with two types of inert gas:

  • Argon gas – which produces a subtle violet glow
  • Neon gas – which produces an orange glow

Argon gas is used to help treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts. The production of ozone will successfully target and inhibit acne-producing bacteria.

It produces a deeply penetrating germicidal and drying effect to treat mild to moderate acne. The enriched oxygen molecules produced by high-frequency machines are effective in helping to heal and revitalize the skin.

Remember what else has an oxygenating effect and inhibits bacteria overgrowth inside the pore? That’s right, the acne-fighting gold standard treatment – benzoyl peroxide

PRO TIP: When using electrodes with argon gas to help heal acne, use a gel that contains salicylic acid as a medium under the gauze. 

Neon gas is used in treating aging skin because it has a toning effect and stimulates blood vessels, thus improving skin color.

It brings warmth to the area and this promotes blood circulation and encourages cellular turnover.

Reducing eye puffiness – the oxygenating action produced by high-frequency current aids in lymphatic drainage and removes excess fluid and toxins while increasing blood circulation.

The result is a visible improvement in the appearance of congested and tired eyes as well as puffiness.

Reducing dark undereye circles – overly dilated and broken capillaries can become visible under the thin skin around the eye area.

High-frequency creates a circulation rush in the area, delivering oxygen to hydrate and revitalize the skin. Good circulation will also allow for better penetration of undereye creams, resulting in a brighter and youthful-looking appearance.

PRO TIP: When using electrodes with neon gas for anti-aging purposes, follow it up with a moisturizer that’s rich in collagen-binding peptides to increase the anti-aging benefits.

How Long Does it Take For High Frequency to Work?

High-frequency facials show immediate results but, unfortunately, these do not last long.

Some of the results include an instant glow, rejuvenated skin, a plumper look, and minimized discoloration. 

When used for anti-acne purposes, high-frequency facials will usually show the best results after 12-24 hours later and you can expect to see less inflammation, less redness, and a soothed complexion. 

However, high-frequency facials need to be a constant thing because, from all in-office treatments, they are the ones that give the shortest-lasting results. 

Is High Frequency Dangerous?

High Frequency Electrodes

High-frequency machines designed for at-home use are not dangerous, per se, however, there are some contraindications you need to consider before using one. 

A contraindication is a condition or factor that serves to prevent a treatment due to the harm it can cause.

While direct high-frequency is an extremely mild treatment, not many contraindications can be listed. Here are the few that are an absolute no-no:

  • Headaches, migraines – due to the loud buzzing noise from the machine
  • Epilepsy
  • An excessive number of dental fillings/braces – due to the strong and unpleasant metallic taste inside the mouth
  • Metal pins and plates
  • Pregnancy
  • Jewelry – all metal jewelry should be removed before the treatment due to the circulation of an electrical current.

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