5 Things You’re Doing Wrong For Your Skin

What am I doing wrong with my skin?

Why won’t my acne heal?

Why do I do skin-care when my skin doesn’t care?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you know how frustrating it is dealing with a skin that seems like it’s conspiring against you. 

I know the feeling because I’ve been there!  I had severe acne and I eventually became an Esthetician because I was so desperate to “cure” my skin.

While every skin condition is different and requires a different treatment, there are some things you may be doing wrong which are preventing you from having the skin you deserve. 

So with that said, here are…

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong For Your Skin (Explained Below)

  1. You’re using makeup wipes.
  2. You’re using harsh products.
  3. You’re over-exfoliating.
  4. You’re not using sunscreen.
  5. You’re smoking.

What am I doing wrong with my skin?

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1. Using Makeup Wipes.

First thing’s first. Do you indulge in using these harsh, alcohol-drenched wipes to remove the makeup from your face?  I might have some bad news for you.

It is the easiest way to remove all that grime from your face, but it is at the bottom of the list when it comes to how good this is for your skin.

So why are they so bad? Well, first of all, makeup wipes don’t really clean your skin from makeup. Yup. All these will do is smear the makeup and dirt you have on your face and leave your skin irritated and dehydrated.

Your skin becomes red after rubbing the wet wipe across your face which in time may lead to some serious damage and even pigmentation.

What should you use instead?

Your skin will be very grateful if you would kindly replace using wet wipes with using a gentler oil cleanser that will easily dissolve all traces of makeup including waterproof makeup.

If your skin is on the oilier side and massaging oil on your skin doesn’t seem like the ideal option for you, you can always opt for micellar water or even a cleansing balm that will have a gentler effect on removing daily impurities.

2. Using Harsh Products.

I have read many stories from people that are using very harsh products for their skin especially when they are trying to clear acne. Using harsh products for your skin will not improve this condition, and your skin will react to this.

Think of it as taking medicine to control high blood pressure when you are, in fact, suffering from low blood pressure. It just won’t work, and it is needless to say that you are doing bigger damage than anything good at all.

I am mostly talking about cleansers because there are all sorts of good and bad ones. Remember that it doesn’t mean the cleanser is going to do wonders for you because of what the label says, and yes, of course, because it’s cheap.

Getting familiar with the common ingredients used in skincare products sold in pharmacies will make you more careful when picking your next product.

While some people are naturally inclined toward sensitive skin, we all have the potential to acquire it. Overusing products that damage the epidermal layer of the skin will trigger an immune response and cause inflammation.

It may potentially “thin” and damage the skin, and this will lead to photosensitivity and later pigmentation.

What should you use instead?

When battling conditions like acne the trick is to use gentler products for your currently fragile skin. Ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, niacinamide (B3) will calm and hydrate your skin and relieve acne breakouts.

What about when you’re are not battling acne?

Well, there isn’t a  single reason to go hard on your skin using harsh products. Your skin will always benefit from gentler products that will balance the pH and maintain a healthy appearance.

3. Over-Exfoliating.

We exfoliate to remove the build-up of dead skin cells that sit tightly packed on the surface of our stratum corneum (the top layer of the epidermis) and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.

Exfoliating can make your skin look brighter and radiant and also feel soft. But it can also make things worse in the long run, especially if it’s not done properly.

Manual exfoliants or scrubs contain tiny granules that scrub off the dead skin cells. It is important to remember to scrub gently rather than vigorously as this will scratch and damage your skin and cause redness and mild inflammation.

While using a gentle cleanser daily is number one for healthy skin, you can use a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week to maintain healthy skin. Overuse of this agent can cause redness and irritation that may lead to increased dryness and flakiness.

If your skin tends to be more oily, then I may very well relate to the feeling of satisfaction when your skin feels heavenly soft and clean after a good scrub.

But I don’t want you to relate to the feeling of burning I had to cope with when my skin became visibly irritated and flakey after abusing a tube of scrub daily for an entire week.

I didn’t want the good feeling of having clean and not greasy skin to go away, and I was also young (heh).

What I didn’t realize back then is that my skin was actually becoming oilier because of the overproduction of sebum due to the sebaceous glands working around the clock to restore the moisture lost from the vigorous scrubbing.

Not to mention this eventually lead to acne breakouts.  So there you have it.

What to use instead?

Well, you can always opt for a chemical exfoliator instead. Although the word “chemical” might sound a bit scary, this type of exfoliants are in fact more suitable for sensitive skin, and they are gentler than a scrub.

Depending on your skin type, you can find a range of peels that use AHA’s and BHA’s to effectively remove the dead skin cells along with all the dirt and bacteria on your skin.

Lactic acid is a great, gentle exfoliant if you decide to try this type of exfoliation for the first time. It is a mild, milk-based acid and it works by dissolving the bonds between the dead skin cells.

As always, do not forget to patch test first. You can use this type of exfoliant once or twice a week for a glowing complexion.

4. Not Using Sunscreen.

use sunscreen to protect your skin

Yes. Avoiding sunscreen is probably skin sin number one, and I think that everyone should agree on this one. Protection from sunburn is not the most important reason for wearing sunscreen.

While protection from UVB rays that are the ones responsible for sunburns is essential, we might have a more serious challenge on our hands with this one.

There are the UVA rays that are the number one responsible factor for 80% of premature skin aging and wrinkles.

UVB rays are highest in summer, but the UVA rays can penetrate through the clouds even on a cloudy winter day and damage the skin by destroying the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermal layer.

This loss of collagen and elastin will naturally make the skin sag and wrinkle.

If this isn’t a good enough reason for using sunscreen, there’s the sun’s most serious threat, and that is the major cause of skin cancer, the most common of all cancers.

What to use instead?

Sunscreen! Plenty of it! The higher the factor, the better. Good sun protection comes from an SPF higher than 30.

5. Smoking.

Besides being dreadfully bad for your overall health, let’s mention a few harmful things smoking does to your skin.

Smoking deprives the skin of nutrients and oxygen which are essential for keeping it healthy. Smoking destroys Vitamin C in your body which is a necessary antioxidant for the support of healthy collagen.

When the production of healthy collagen is ceasing this will inevitably lead to sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

Smoking causes vascular constriction, and when this occurs, constricted blood vessels are unable to carry the nutrients and oxygen your skin needs to remain healthy.

Carbon monoxide is present through smoking, and this affects the hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein present in red blood cells) for many hours.

Uneven skin tone is most commonly noticed in smokers as due to the lack of oxygen, the skin appears uneven and dull, tending toward a yellow or grey tone.

What should you do instead?

Do I really need to tell you what to do on this one?

Cutting off the habit of smoking may not be easy, but it is, by all means, the best thing you can do for yourself and the environment that surrounds you.

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  1. Hi Simone Sidel.
    Thank you so much for providing such an important post for all of us especially for women. You have nicely mentioned 5 things that we are doing wrong with our skin. The best part of your post is that you have also mentioned what we are doing wrong and what we should do instead of these. I think everyone should read your post so I am gonna share your post.
    Really I have learned many unknown things that I never know before. I Also do 3 things out of these 5 things. I will try to follow your instructions.
    Thanks again for your helpful post.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am very happy that my post helped you recognize the things that you are doing and are harmful to your skin.
      My goal is to help and encourage my readers to take better care for their skin and find a healthy and balanced routine that works for them as this will inevitably deliver amazing results.

  2. Hi, I read your article very carefully.After reading your article, I found out that you discussed about 5 Things we’re Doing Wrong For our Skin. Very nice content you have up here, I must confess. I am agree with you. I like your opinion about our skin will be very grateful by using wet wipes with using a gentler oil cleanser that will easily dissolve all traces of makeup.I think, using Sunscreen is  the most important reason to Protection from sunburn and skin ageing and wrinkles.We should avoid Using Harsh Products and Over–Exfoliating  for our better skin. Smoking is injurious for our health. I have greatly benefited by reading your article. So, thank you very much for sharing this post.

  3. Permit me to chip in this to your comment section on your post, though I know this is centered on women. In all honesty, this information is great for me to know, I do expose myself a lot to sun during the summer and I do not know this is hazardous to my skin. Furthermore, my spouse do make use of wet wipes to remove her make up and she’s as ignorant as anything about the dangers she has been exposing herself to. I will really be glad to suggest this to her

    • Thank you for your comment. I am very happy that my post helped you recognize the everyday habits that are harmful to your skin.

      My goal is to help and encourage my readers to take better care for their skin and find a healthy and balanced routine that works for them as this will inevitably deliver amazing results.

  4. Hello Simone,

    Thanks for such an informative article. As a busy mom and grandmother, I have never paid a whole lot of attention to my skin – thank goodness, I have never smoked. I don’t exfoliate at all but that is probably just as bad as exfoiating too much. What do you think?

    I like using wipes but will take your advice and look for a mild oil cleanser instead.

    • Dear Mary Ann,

      Thank you for your comment. I am happy that you found my post informative. My goal is to help and encourage you, the reader to take better care for their skin through simple and balanced routines that work and will inevitably deliver amazing results.

      My opinion regarding your question is that you should incorporate a mild, non-irritating scrub that you can use once a week. Please choose your product carefully and proceed with gently exfoliating your skin. The movements shouldn’t be too vigorous as the skin may react to it.

      You can ditch the wipes as you cannot go wrong if you decide to opt for an oil cleanser. Good luck!

  5. Hello Simone :),

    I really enjoyed reading your views on 5 things i am doing wrong for my skin and i do fall foul to 2. using Harsh products and 5. Smoking. 

    I ma tryng my best to cut down on the smoking so i can stop completely as i know it is a bad habit but i fall of the wagon more times than none, 

    On using harsh products to treat my acne, i am using aloe vera and would try out some other suggestions from you. thanks

    • Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you found my post informative on how certain habits are affecting our skin. I would recommend you to reduce or cut out completely the habit of using harsh products to combat acne. Because I believe that this particular condition requires a gentler approach so it can clear. Smoking tremendously affects our skin in seemingly small ways that lead to bigger problems.

      Should you require further help you can send me an email with your current routine.


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